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Neuz Org a cloud-based end-to-end AI powered headless CMS as a SaaS.


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Neuz CMS

Headless CMS which helps you curate content and creates a cross channel distribution to cater your business needs. We create the best in-class news content management system with custom content delivery along with in-depth analytics to help you boom your business.


Neuz PB

We help you showcase your pronounced content to the world with our very own platform builder Neuz PB. Neuz PB would help you create a custom platform as per the business needs to help pilot the content to viewers thus accelerating your content consumption digitally


Neuz UM

We understand how important users and their activity for a Business are. Hence, we have our own User Management solution Neuz UM which would furnish a seameless User management experience thus helping businesses manage users access to their system.


Neuz TM

We introduce a simple and laid back solution which helps you manage your team in a go. We make tracking your team’s progress simpler with custom visual representation for effective insights about your team.


Neuz CM

Great content needs an equally good ways to leverage – Our solution helps you leverage your content when users consume it. Ads to subscription and much more through our own in-house solution.


Neuz CMA

Mobile apps have been an essential part of business because of a better user experience and quicker actions , and our Neuz CMA does the job for you. Our slick Mobile app solution provides Enterprise/ SMB’s with enhancing user experience using mobile channels.

What Is Neuz Org?

Neuz org is a cloud based end -end AI driven headless CMS as a SAAS helping local news providers with a platform to accelerate their content digitally thus providing better reach. Neuz org is just not limited to news , but we also adhere to any local community needs by helping them solve community based problems through this unique solution.

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